Eight Tips for Hiring the Best Commercial Cleaning Service for Your Business.

When searching on the Internet for a commercial cleaning company, you quickly realize there are many options.

How do you know you’re hiring the optimal service and getting the best return on your investment?

Here are eight tips to help:
  1. Clearly define the services you need and how often you need them. Create a checklist.
  2. Do your research: find three or four experienced commercial cleaning companies in your area. Look at the services they provide. Do they match the services that you need? Use your checklist.
  3. Give each one a call and set up a time for a visit of your site for a walk-through of the office.
  4. Go through your services checklist to let them know what you need and to confirm they still provide the services listed on their website.
  5. Ask if they conduct a full criminal background check on all employees and ask what safeguards they have in place? Another question you might want to ask is how much per million per occurrence they have on their insurance policy?
  6. Can they work around your schedule? You want a service that can work after hours so as not to interrupt your work day.
  7. Then ask some probing questions that establish them as a company you can trust – who will treat your office and equipment as if it were their own?
  8. If you are comfortable that you can trust them, ask for a quote.
We do the cleaning. You focus on business.

A professional, economical commercial cleaning service, Shallis guarantees the highest level of office cleaning services. We use quality control programs, including onsite inspections and customer surveys, and we routinely monitor our work. If any area fails to meet our strict office cleaning standards, it will be corrected immediately. And because what you think matters, we encourage customer communications and use your input to elevate our level of cleaning services.